New Kansas Garden Guide

K-State’s popular guide to gardening in Kansas has undergone a major makeover that one of its authors said helps to “better reflect the needs and experiences of a wide range of Kansas gardeners, especially our newest gardeners.” You can download the new version now. Printed versions are available to order in the K-State Bookstore.

New or expanded content includes:

  • Starting and planning a garden.
  • Raised bed and container gardening.
  • Improving soil health and composting.
  • Planting and maintaining a garden, including watering, fertilizing and other best practices.
  • Fall gardens and extending the garden season.
  • Managing insect pests and identifying plant diseases and environmental stressors.
  • Taking advantage of pollinators and beneficial insects.
  • Harvesting and storing produce.
  • Growing herbs, including a wider variety of herbs.
  • Growing vegetable crops, including tips on choosing varieties, crop rotation, common concerns, and more.
  • Updated planting and harvesting calendars.

Cheryl Boyer, a nursery crop production and marketing specialist for K-State Research and Extension, said she “wouldn’t want to tackle my home garden without this guide. The Kansas Garden Guide is essential for successful edible gardening in Kansas. We have excellent demonstration gardens in nearly every Kansas county, showing off what we can accomplish with the knowledge contained in the Kansas Garden Guide.” Please visit the Douglas County Demonstration Garden to see what we are growing.

Please also check out other great K-State resources on our website.

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