Trusted Gardening Resources

There is a lot of information online about gardening, but not all of it is correct. The mission of all Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) is to share research-based, horticultural information with the public. We want to help you find the very best information. Read on to learn how to find the best and weed out the rest.

Our librarian experts created a very informative one hour program about finding Trusted Gardening Resources. You can watch it on YouTube. They have also created supporting documentation, including the presentation slides, that you can access at

Online Gardening Resources

Searching Tip: To find research-based gardening resource when you search online, enter “site:edu” and the information you want to find. Here’s an example. Searching for “site:edu hydrangeas” will provide this information from universities across the country. These are all trusted, research-based gardening resources. Be sure that you are selecting a university that is in Zone 6a, which is the same zone we are in. Take a look at the USDA Garden Zone map to see what other areas of the country are also in Zone 6a.

Douglas County Resources:

Kansas State University Resources:

External Trusted Links:

  • Missouri Botanical Garden plant finder – most of the QR codes on the signs in our demonstration gardens take you to this great resource.
  • Deep Roots, Webinars, Native Plant info. Deep Roots is a collective impact organization of multi-sector Partners. Together with our Partners, they work to increase native plant landscapes. Their mission is to encourage the appreciation, conservation, and use of native plants in the heartland through educating, collaborating, and facilitating the planting of regenerative native landscapes that are essential for a healthy planet. You can sign up for their newsletter or their educational presentations.
  • Kansas Tree Selection and Care. Great information about how to pick out the right tree from the Kansas Forest Service.

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