Gaches Garden

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

When Ron and Colette Gaches moved into their home in 1997 the property was less than pristine.  Overrun by shaggy elms, hedge and walnut trees, the yard did not match the vision the couple had for their outdoor space.  

Since growing up helping his mother in her flower gardens, Ron enjoyed an active interest in landscaping and his new home provided the canvass he now needed for his creative outlet.   

Having anchored the yard with an assortment of maple, redbud, crabapple and evergreen trees, the couple has filled the beds with various hydrangeas and perennials to add more year-round color.

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

The homeowners’ favorites include panicle, oak leaf and big leaf hydrangeas and various azaleas. The mature azaleas bordering the front walk have provided a bright burst of fuchsia each spring for more than 25 years.

With an eye to easy care, the homeowners incorporated hardscaping into their design. The backyard walk, dining and fire pit areas use recycled brick from a Kansas City warehouse as their foundation, and the covered deck provides a shady spot for breakfast and gathering with friends.

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

Giant hostas nestled in the shaded area surrounding the gathering spot soften the stone and create a sense of intimacy for the area.  One can imagine the delight in serving delectable meals under the crafted pergola, surrounded by the dazzling array of color provided by blue pots filled with Endless Summer and Little Quick Fire hydrangeas, as well as other flowering tropical plants.

Garden art plays an important role in the landscape as well.  A sculpture of a young girl by Native American artist L’Deane Trueblood welcomes visitors to the front of the home, while the backyard focal point is a double helix wind sculpture by Colorado artist Lyman Whitaker.   The outdoor living space now provides the serenity required for enjoying life in retirement. 

Photo by Diane Guthrie Photography

Favorite Plants:

  • Penstemmon.  Penstemmon laevigatus. “Mission Belles Deep Rose Beardtongue” 
  • Hydrangeas. Hydrangea arborescens. 
  • Azaleas. Rhododedron ramentacea; mucronatum. 
  • Spiderwort. Tradescantia fluminesis.
  • Hostas. Hosta sieboldin.

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